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Following Jesus At A Distance (Thought for the Day Part 6)

We are disciples of Jesus and we follow him. But how closely? When Jesus was arrested, "Peter was following him at a distance" (Mt 26:58a).

How many so-called disciples follow Jesus but at a distance? At a safe distance. Trying to go where Jesus is going, but not quite that close. Not close enough so as to have more leeway in changing course if the going gets uncomfortable. Not close enough to be eyeballed by Jesus and given a difficult assignment. Not close enough to be directly identified with Jesus, and thus be ridiculed and oppressed by those who oppose him.

At a safe distance? Actually, the farther we are from Jesus, the more unsafe we are.

You have decided to follow Jesus? Then go side by side with him. Then be at his beck and call. Then endure what he endures. Then really go where he is going, without hesitation, without questioning, without holding back.

How near or far are you from Jesus as you follow him?

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