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Fr Charron rebukes Pope Francis on sodomy (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 251)

Fr James Charron tells Pope Francis: “Do you belong to Christ, or to Sodom?” Wow. That is bold. That is prophetic.That is much needed in a Church where the very top person is leading her astray and into destruction.

Yes, Pope Francis, you need to repent. For your strong support of LGBT, for your weak condemnation of abortion, for your focus on human well-being at the expense of the righteousness of God.

Priest rebukes Pope Francis for calling to decriminalize sodomy: ‘Do you belong to Christ, or to Sodom?’

Pope Francis is 'using his platform to embolden sinners and to shame the saints into silence and conformity with the world,' said Fr. Jason Charron.

A Catholic priest has rebuked Pope Francis for his calls to decriminalize sodomy during his recent visit to African countries South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The priest called the Pope to repent of his promotion of homosexuality, addressing the Pontiff in a video and asking, “Do you belong to Christ, or do you belong to Sodom?”

Fr. Jason Charron posted to YouTube a video in which he took the Pope to task for making homosexuality more central to his ministry than the defense of persecuted Christians and the preaching of the Gospel, including the call to repent of sin.

“Pope Francis again has called for the decriminalizing of homosexual acts among other things on his return flight from the African visit home to the Vatican,” Charron said. “A lot of the Holy father’s public comments, you know, revolve around this issue of homosexuality as though that were the centerpiece of his ministry. You don’t hear a whole lot of comments from him calling for the defense of the persecuted Christians in … places like China, or the situation of the Christians in places like … Saudi Arabia, or the situation faced by Christian families in the formerly Catholic countries of Europe and North America, places where his faithful flock face persecution for believing in the official teaching of the Church that he leads.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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