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Freemasons appeal to Pope (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 253)

The Freemasons know whom to turn to. Pope Francis is their kindred spirit. Both Freemasons and the Pope embrace universal brotherhood, the acceptance of all religions, and the masonic French revolution principles of liberte, egalite, fraternite (per Fratelli Tutti).

“We are a brotherhood that embraces every religious belief.” Who says that? The Freemasons, as well as Pope Francis.

Freemasons appeal to Pope for support after bishop repeats Church’s condemnation

Archbishop Bruno Forte re-issued the Vatican's 1983 condemnation of Freemasonry, which prompted local Masons to appeal to the Pope.

Italian Freemasons have said they will appeal to Pope Francis for support, after the local Catholic bishop re-iterated the Catholic Church’s condemnation on Freemasonry in light of renewed Masonic activity in the area.

Local Freemasons in the Archdiocese of Chieti-Vasto in eastern Italy have declared that they will seek “rapid and active intervention” from Pope Francis, after Archbishop Bruno Forte reminded the archdiocese of the Catholic Church’s strict ban on participating in Masonic activities.

On February 7, Forte issued a letter to his archdiocese in which he presented the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s (CDF) 1983 document on Masonry.

Forte stated that: “the condemnation of Freemasonry remains unchanged; second, Catholics who belong to a lodge are in a state of grave sin and cannot take communion; third, no exceptions are allowed.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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