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German Synodal Way on acceptance of homosexuality (Liberal Bishops Part 104)

The German bishops are intent on changing Catholic teaching on homosexuality and want to normalize and accept it in the Church.

Here is why that is impossible.

But liberals and modernists will not be deterred, because they precisely teach what is contrary to God’s ways and to established age-old Church teachings and Tradition. We need to oppose the German Synodal Way and the larger Synod on Synodality which aims to also normalize homosexuality.


The ‘Synodal Way’ wants to reverse Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Here’s why that’s impossible

The Church's teaching is unchangeable, and same-sex behavior can't be reconciled with human nature, created by God as a communion of male and female.

Close-up of a 19th Century statue by Giuseppe De Fabris, showing Saint Peter the Apostle holding a gold key (symbolising the key to heaven). The statue is located in St Peter's Square in the Vatican City, Rome.

Raymond Wolfe (LifeSiteNews) – The German “Synodal Way” and its allies within the Church are hellbent – seemingly more so every day – on changing Catholic doctrine regarding homosexuality. A leader of the “Synodal Way” indeed recently acknowledged that the heterodox initiative is intended as a direct challenge to the Church’s teaching on this issue.

Marc Frings, the secretary-general of the Central Committee of German Catholics, a leading German lay group and co-organizer of the Synodal Way, described the Synodal Way frankly as a “conscious statement against the current Catholic catechism,” which he complains has been “critical and disparaging of homosexuality since the mid-1970s and still reproaches homosexual activity as sin,” as the Catholic Church has done for two millennia.

Frings’ remarks were published last month by “Outreach,” a new LGBT activism group founded by dissident Fr. James Martin.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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