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Giorgia Meloni (Under the Fig Tree Part 31)

Giorgia Meloni is a firebrand who is shaking up Italy, the European Union (EU), the Vatican

and the New World Order of the globalists. She is conservative, pro-life and openly proclaims her defense of God, family and country. She is opposed to abortion, euthanasia, gender ideology, and partnerships, marriage and parenting by same-sex couples. She is a threat to the liberal, leftist order, which has been imposing its diabolical values and ideologies on the world.

Even as she has not yet been proclaimed the new Prime Minister of Italy, the EU through

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, and Cardinal Matteo Zuppi,

President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, have taken the unprecedented move of

threatening her and her incoming government. Liberal media has been maligning her. The

liberals, especially the Deep State and the Deep Church, are really worried.

Her ascension has been phenomenal. In the 2018 general election in Italy, her political party,

the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), just garnered 4.4% of the vote. In this year’s September

general election, her party took 26.4% of the vote! Together with other center-right parties,

which won 44.4% of the vote (versus the center-left’s 26.6%), her coalition is poised to form

Italy’s new government, with her at the helm. She will be Italy’s first female Prime Minister.

A main attack by the liberals against her is that she is a neo-fascist who looks up to the

former dictator Benito Mussolini. Her party does have historical links to Mussolini’s fascists, and in her teens she did praise Mussolini. But she has already denounced fascism as a historical footnote and has embraced conservatism. She believes in the values of freedom and democracy.

Along this line, she supports Taiwan, Tibet, and is tougher on China than most

liberals, many of whom close their eyes to China’s abuses and repression of peoples.

She is a Catholic, 45 years old, and has been President of the European Conservatives and

Reformists Party since 2020 (aside from Fratelli d’Italia, which she has led since 2014).

But what is the real issue of liberals against her? It is that she is pro-God, pro-family, pro-life

and pro-nation, while the liberals, including hierarchs in the Catholic Church, have contrary

positions. She is a conservative who threatens the rapid onward advance of liberals and

modernists, and their push of the culture of DEATH.

Giorgia Meloni is an outspoken firebrand who will shake up Europe and the world. Check out

these videos of her.

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