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Holy Warriors - 12 (Holy Warriors Part 54)

Today’s psalm: Psalm 3:2-8

Absalom turned against his own father David, who was forced to flee for his life. David then composed this psalm. David’s situation then is much like the situation of faithful Christians today. David was God’s holy warrior, and so are we.

“How many are my foes, Lord! How many rise against me!” (v.2). Today authentic Christians face a formidable force intent on destroying the faith. These are liberals, modernists, secular humanists, LGBTs, Freemasons, radical feminists. These are powerful forces in the world, such as state governments, bureaucrats of the UN and the EU, billionaire philanthropists, global abortion providers, Hollywood elites, mainstream media, social media giants, and even Catholic prelates.

These forces dominate the culture of today. It is easy enough to lose hope and give up, or to just keep quiet and lie low. But if no one will stand up for God and for the Church Jesus himself established, then everything is lost. Thus God has raised up His holy warriors, to rise in defense of faith, family and life. This is the reason for being of the Missionary Families of Christ.

How are we to respond to the call to be God’s holy warriors?

One, we must not be afraid. “I do not fear, then, thousands of people arrayed against me on every side.” (v.7). Today’s modernist world is against Judeo-Christian values. Today’s modernists are all around us, a good many of them actively working to undermine our life and values. If we speak for our faith, we will be cursed, vilified, maligned, mistreated. We will be oppressed and persecuted. But if God is with us, then who can be against us? We stand with God, and we stand on His great strength.

Two, we must not be discouraged. “How many say of me, ‘There is no salvation for him in God.’” (v.3). It might seem that God is not acting to defend His people. It might seem that we are losing the war (as it is now, yes we are). It might seem that when Jesus returns, he will not find much faith on earth. But our task is to defend God’s work. And we do so in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Spirit. The fruit will be up to God, in His time and in His way. We are just to keep on, enduring and persevering in the fight.

Three, we must always look to God, being centered on Christ and never losing our focus. “But you, Lord, are a shield around me; my glory, you keep my head high.” (v.4). We are part of the armies of God. Jesus is our Commander-in-Chief. He is already victorious, having crushed the head of the serpent. We share in that victory. As long as we cling to him and look to him for our protection and power, then, even with occasional setbacks, we can stand tall.

Four, we must persevere in prayer. “With my own voice I will call out to the Lord, and he will answer me from his holy mountain.” (v.5). Prayer is our lifeline to God. We must pray without ceasing. We must fully trust in our God who hears us, especially in our times of great challenge. He will always answer and act. In prayer we grow as God’s holy warriors. We know that God works for our good, even in sleep. “I lie down and I fall asleep, and I will wake up, for the Lord sustains me.” (v.6).

We as holy warriors are doing divine work and we are fighting God’s battles. Jesus our Savior leads us. He brings us victory. “Arise, Lord! Save me, my God! For you strike the cheekbone of all my foes; you break the teeth of the wicked.” (v.8). That is all we need.

Onward, holy warriors! Ho-wa!

* * *

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