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Jesus is The Way and The Truth and The Life (Modernism Part 74)

April 26, 2024

Today’s gospel:

John 14:1-6



     Church modernists say that God wills a diversity of religions and that all religions lead to the divine. This is refuted by Jesus himself, who says, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” (v.6b). The modernist teaching is not only erroneous but diabolical. If people look to other religions for their salvation, they will not find it.

        And so Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (v.6a).


       Jesus is the way.

  • Jesus is the only way to the Father. He is the one who prepares a dwelling place for us in his Father’s house (v.2). Only Jesus can bring us to heaven.

  • Jesus is the only Savior. There is no other name by which one can be saved.

  • Jesus is the one who guides us along the straight and narrow path, and not on the broad highway that leads to perdition.

      Jesus is the truth.

  • Jesus is the source of all truth. He is the fullness of truth.

  • Modernists are overturning the truth. 

          - All peoples are part of the human fraternity, that we are all brothers and                  sisters to one another. But Jesus says that his brethren are those who do                  the will of the Father.

         - We should not proselytize, that is, make converts. But Jesus tells us to                   make disciples of all nations and baptize them in the name of the Triune                 God.

         - Unrepentant grievous sinners are part of the communion of saints. But                    Jesus tells us to repent and put our faith in him.

         - There is no hell, or if there is, there is no one in it. But Jesus says that

            evildoers will be thrown into the fiery furnace.


       Jesus is the life.

  • Jesus not only gives us the grace to live our lives in him, but will bring us to eternal life.

  • Jesus lived his life as an example for us. We are to follow in his footsteps. We are to live our lives in perfect obedience to God.

  • If we do not put our faith in Jesus, we will die in our sins.

  • Jesus delivers us from a life of bondage to sin and allows us to live lives in freedom, a life lived to the full.

     Jesus tells us, “Where I am going you know the way.” (v.4). We should know the way, as Jesus has already revealed himself to us, we have the testimony of the scriptures, and we have the guidance of the Church that he established. But today the enemy has infiltrated the Church. There are modernists who are guiding us along the wrong paths. We may become like Thomas who said, “Master, we do not know where you are going, how can we know the way?” (v.5).     We must always fix our eyes on Jesus. He is the one who shows us the way, as he tells us what is true, and guides us to an authentic life in him. Jesus is the only way, the source of all truth, and the foundation for life as God intends.


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