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Memo on Pope Francis by Demos (Quo vadis, Pope Francis? Part 166)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

A toxic pontificate. Catastrophic. A meltdown. Heretical. Corrupt. Woe to our Church!

This memo penned by “Demos” is a scathing but realistic assessment of Pope Francis and his pontificate. Is Demos a Cardinal? He does not reveal himself because the Pope is known to be vindictive and deposes or marginalizes those who do not think as he does.

Pope Francis has created a majority of the Cardinals, who would be the electors in a papal conclave. Many of them are like him. Electing a Francis clone will be catastrophic for our Church. May the Holy Spirit intervene when the time comes.



by Jules • March 16, 2022

Seven red flags warning conclave not to elect Francis clone as next pope VATICAN CITY ( - An explosive memorandum circulating among cardinals is warning of dire consequences for Catholicism if the next conclave elects a pontiff in the image and likeness of Pope Francis.

Article published by ChurchMilitant. For the full article, click here.

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