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Mother Miriam on Disobeying the Pope (Quo vadis, Pope Francis? Part 175)

Well, here is a woman with balls (pardon the expression), unlike so many of the Church’s bishops. She stands up to the untruths of Pope Francis.

As I cannot look too much to most clerics who are either Papal apologists or who are just afraid to go against the Pope, I am happy to have Mother Miriam share many of the criticisms I have already leveled at Pope Francis.

So know the faith. Know the truth. Then defend that truth, even against the Pope. You would be defending Christ and his Church.


Mother Miriam: Catholics cannot obey false, ‘sinful’ statements of the Pope

Pope Francis has made remarks on several topics, including on LGBT issues, that Catholics can’t accept, Mother Miriam said.

Pope Francis in the 2020 documentary “Francesco,” in which he expressed support for same-sex civil unions in violation of Catholic teaching

Raymond Wolfe (LifeSiteNews) – Catholics must reject statements that contradict the faith even if the Pope utters them, Mother Miriam said in a recent episode of LifeSite’s “Mother Miriam Live!”

“When the Pope says what is sinful, what is inaccurate, what is against the faith,” said the Benedictine prioress, “not only do we have the right to not believe, but we should not believe. We must follow God and not men, even when that man is the Holy Father, if he does not speak what is true.”

“The first one we obey is God, always,” Mother Miriam stressed. “And if the Pope teaches something contrary to the Faith or what God has spoken through his Word or in the Natural Law, then we do not obey. We do not obey the Pope.”

Article published by LifeSiteNews. For the full article, click here.

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