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Musk and Twitter (Under the Fig Tree Part 12)

Just a few days ago, Twitter, one of the liberal social media giants, was oppressing

conservatives and anyone else whose views they opposed. These “offending” parties were

blocked and canceled (including President Trump). It was a blatant assault on freedom of

speech, and worse, a way of promoting the liberal progressive woke ideology.

Then the unthinkable (or something people never could have thought of) happened. Elon

Musk bought Twitter. Musk is a conservative and libertarian who opposes press censorship and is for freedom of expression on media. Suddenly, Twitter is on the way to becoming the

opposite of what it is now. How sweet it is!

Even better is to see all the liberal snowflakes melting down. Suddenly their tool of

oppression is gone. They can no longer manipulate public opinion. They can no longer freely

peddle falsehoods. They can no longer impose their inane and insane woke ideology on others. The twits at Twitter have been one-upped!

Elon Musk, you are a genius. You are bold, innovative, aggressive. Who would have thought

of this? Only you. Your name itself is significant. Musk is an important ingredient in perfumery. You are the one to remove the stink from Twitter. Elon is an anagram of noel. “Noel” means

good news. You have given the world an early Christmas present.

And while we are working with names, I have always wondered why in Twitter we send

tweets. Should we not send twits instead? Or if we send out tweets, shouldn’t the platform be named Tweeter?

More power to you, Elon.



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