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Not All Of You Are Clean (Thought for the Day Part 7)

Jesus said to his disciples, "Not all of you are clean." (Jn 13:11b). Jesus says the same thing to us. And this Lent, we have a special opportunity to look into our lives and confront within ourselves what is not clean.

This is not just obvious sin, but what is often less obvious, what we might even rather not consider wrongdoing at all. It is infidelity to our covenant. It is not actively doing the work of evangelization. It is engaging in gossip and maligning of others. It is lack of submission to community leadership and good order. It is failing to be a true servant leader. It is not pursuing holiness and Christian perfection.

Jesus wants to wash us clean. But do we brush him off, like Peter? Do we fail to understand or appreciate the need to be washed?

Let us examine ourselves closely and critically. Then let us say, "Master, then not only my feet, but my hands and head as well."

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