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Orthodox Patriarch on Ukraine (Orthodox Bishops Part 10)

The war in Ukraine is not just a military conflict but is also spiritual war. It pits the pro-LGBT Ukrainian government against the anti-LGBT Russia under Putin.

Ukraine under the pro-LGBT Zelenskyy is supported by pro-LGBT Western liberals, such as the USA and the EU. On the other hand, Russia under Putin is pro-God, pro-Church, pro-family and pro-life.

The decadent West not just threatens the security of Russia by its eastward expansion, but threatens the very righteousness of God. Among all the nations in the world, it is Russia that stands in the way of the diabolical culture of DEATH. And so it is that the whole world, under the dominion of the evil one, is against Russia.

Unfortunately, Pope Francis is pro-LGBT. But Patriarch Kirill gives us hope in the triumph of good over evil.



MOSCOW ( - The head of the Russian Orthodox Church is excoriating the West for imposing a "loyalty test" of "LGBTQ+ pride marches" as a precondition for entry into its "happy" world of false freedom.

Article published by ChurchMilitant. For the full article, click here.

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