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Overturning Jesus' Teachings (Modernism Part 52)

Gospel: Matthew 5:27-32

In today’s short gospel reading, we have four of Jesus’ teachings that liberal and modernist hierarchs today are overturning.

One, “you shall not commit adultery.” (v.27). Adultery is having sex with a person of the opposite sex who is not one’s spouse. In fact, just thinking lustfully about a woman is committing adultery in one’s heart (v.28). Modernists violate this in many ways: (1) not calling out the sin of those in irregular unions; (2) giving Communion to the divorced and remarried; (3) approving of same-sex unions and perhaps ultimately same-sex marriage; (4) not calling out pornography and explicit sex scenes in videos and movies, which arouse lustful thoughts.

Two, we are to be radical in striving to remove what causes us to sin (v.29a,30a). We are called to holiness. But modernists just look to loving the sinner without hating the sin. With political correctness, they do not speak about a person’s sin because it is offensive. And so the sinner remains in his sin and is actually reinforced in his sin with such wholehearted acceptance. Such is false mercy, and the liberal cleric becomes complicit in the sin and the loss of the sinner’s soul.

Three, there is a hell, and the impure will be “thrown into Gehenna” (v.29b,30b). But modernists are saying there is no hell, or if there is, that there is no one in it. Even Judas, who betrayed Jesus and committed suicide, is supposedly not in hell. What happens to those who die in grievous sin? Modernists say they just go “poof” and disappear. Thus there is no eternal soul.

Four, divorce is sinful, even though it was permitted by Moses (v.30), and being divorced and remarried results in adultery (v.31). Sacramental marriage is for life, and sex is only in such a union. But liberal hierarchs are moving toward acceptance of divorce. In the meantime, those who are divorced and remarried are being allowed to receive Holy Communion, thereby already implicitly accepting divorce.

In looking to the well-being of man but sacrificing the righteousness of God, modernists are directly overturning Jesus’ teachings. Do not obey such clerics and hierarchs. Obey only Jesus.


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