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Pope Against "Restoration" in Church (Quo vadis, Pope Francis? Part 181)

Pope Francis constantly assaults what he calls old-fashioned outlooks, which simply means Tradition. He does not like what is old but always looks to what is new in the culture, but ends up embracing the culture of the age, the zeitgiest, which is contrary to age-old Church teachings. This is modernism.

The Pope demeans “restorationist groups” by which he means those who want to stick to Tradition, who want to restore the authentic Church values, teachings and Judeo-Christian culture. Thus he is very much against the Traditional Latin Mass and traditional religious orders, and suppresses them, even as the TLM was being embraced by many faithful Catholics, especially young couples and families, and the traditional religious orders were thriving.

The Pope claims these tradition-minded people and groups never accepted Vatican II. I for one knew only Vatican II and accepted it without question. But as I learn more about it, and seeing the modernism that has come upon our Church, I too question some of its teachings. Vatican II was intended to modernize the Church for greater acceptability by people, but we have seen the continuous rapid decline of our Church and the fruits of Vatican II. It ought to be judged by its fruits.

The Pope is conciliatory to the German bishops’ synodal path, with its insistence on acceptance of homosexuality, blessing of same-sex unions, and many other innovations contrary to the ways of the Church as was known for two millennia. He sympathizes with their having external pressures. So rather than resist the worldly pressures and make the Church a counter-witness, he gives in and accommodates the world and the emphasis on the city of man.

Our Church needs restoration in Christ and in the authentic faith handed down by Jesus and the apostles. Our Pope is on an opposite path.


Pope attacks efforts at ‘restoration’ in Church

Pope Francis has launched a new assault on “old-fashioned outlooks” and “restorationist groups” in his latest published interview.

In a conversation with the Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica, released on June 14, the Pontiff also defended his muted public comments on the war in Ukraine, saying that he is “against turning a complex situation into a distinction between ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys.’“ Citing an unnamed head of state who worried months ago that NATO was “barking at the gates of Russia,” he said that the causes of the war are “very complex.”

Article published by Catholic Culture. For the full article, click here.

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