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Pope Francis and fake Catholic Biden (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 240)

This is about President Joe Biden of the USA. But this is also about Pope Francis.

* Since Biden is the leader of the most powerful nation on earth and is an avowed practicing Catholic.

* Since Biden and the Pope get along well together, with the Pope allegedly telling Biden to continue receiving Holy Communion despite his being brazenly pro-abortion.

* Since Biden is the top personage of Big State while the Pope is that of Big Church, both working for the New World Order.

So it seems the Bidens are not sacramentally married. And Jill is a divorcee. Well, liberals/modernists in the Church are pushing for giving Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried. Thus, on the one hand, turn a blind eye to Biden’s being a rabid pro-abort, and on the other hand, turn a blind eye to his not being sacramentally married, thus living in sin. These are two of the biggest transgressions that disallow Holy Communion for a Catholic.

But Biden does claim to be devout and practicing, does he not, Pope Francis? This makes it worse. Since the Pope will not correct him, and will not withhold Holy Communion from him, then Catholics worldwide may think that abortion and not living in a sacramental marriage are OK for Catholics. And desecration of the Communion host continues.

Was Joe and Jill Biden’s 1977 wedding at the United Nations done according to Canon Law?

60 percent of couples married at New York's UN Chapel in 1976 were for couples of different faiths, many of whom had 'run into snags elsewhere.'

President Joe Biden at his swearing in ceremonyU.S. Commission on Civil Rights/Wikimedia Commons

For quite some time, I have been puzzled about the relative silence regarding the nuptials of Joe and Jill Biden, especially since President Biden has told us repeatedly that he is a devout, practicing Catholic.

In “Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself “(2019), Jill’s autobiography, we learn that she and Joe were married at the UN Chapel on June 17, 1977 – and, she says, “by a Catholic priest.”

That factoid caused further puzzlement: why get married at the UN? Neither of the Bidens had any apparent connection to that institution. Given that Joe has been a “priest-collector” his whole life, why go to New York to be married by an anonymous priest? Was he even a priest in good standing? After all, some ex-priests make a handsome living out of performing weddings.

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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