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Pope Francis betrays Cardinal Zen (Quo vadis, Pope Francis? Part 201)

Pope Francis strongly supports his fellow liberals, but opposes those who criticize his wrong actions, including betraying them if need be. Now it is the turn of Cardinal Zen.

The Pope continues with his secret pact with the CCP on the Catholic Church in China, betraying faithful Catholics and surrendering the faith to the Communists. He says dialogue is the way to go, but dialogue (if at all) only between him and the CCP, but excluding others like Cardinal Zen. He shows great respect for the CCP, but disdain for those who disagree with him.

Dialogue for the Pope is part of political correctness. It is bending backwards for the CCP, but not confronting them or holding them accountable. A better word for it is not dialogue but surrender (to the CCP) and betrayal (of loyal Catholics).


Pope Francis has betrayed Cdl. Zen in his hour of greatest need

As Confucius said, 'A great man is hard on himself; a small man is hard on others.'

Pope Francis delivers remarks while on the papal plane, September 15, 2022Video screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) – As Confucius said, “A great man is hard on himself; a small man is hard on others.”

On Monday, September 19, 2022, the beloved and revered 90-year-old Cardinal Joseph Zen, the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, will walk into West Kowloon Court and face trial on charges of failing to legally register the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund. This fund was established to provide financial assistance to those in the democracy and freedom movement who protested the CCP crackdown in Hong Kong in 2019. Zen and 5 other defendants have pleaded not guilty to charges of “collusion” with foreign forces—a violation of China’s newly imposed National Security Law implemented in Hong Kong.

Zen has been a vocal opponent of the Vatican’s 2018 secret pact with the Chinese government. He has called the agreement “an incredible betrayal” as well as a “suicide pact and shameless surrender.” Not surprisingly, Zen’s description of the Vatican pact as “sending the flock into the mouths of wolves” was immediately proven apt once the agreement was signed and the Chinese government began to destroy churches, arrest priests, and shut down religious services.

Zen foresaw that the secret pact would “kill” the Underground faithful Catholic Church in China. He feared that those underground bishops and priests who refused to register with the CCP-run “Catholic Patriotic Association” would be harassed, arrested, detained, and disappeared. Not surprisingly, that is exactly what has happened. The Francis CCP deal has driven the Underground Church further underground.

Despite the universal condemnation of the Vatican-CCP pact by religious freedom organizations and the ongoing surge in religious persecution, the Vatican renewed the agreement in 2020. In anticipation in the renewal, Cardinal Zen personally traveled to the Vatican to meet and plead with the Pope Francis not to renew the agreement. The Pope refused to meet with the elderly Cardinal. There was no dialogue with the elderly Cardinal who opposed the Pope’s ambitions! Despite the surge in religious persecution by the CCP, the Vatican renewed the agreement, still keeping the terms secret.

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