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Pope Francis' continued repression of Traditional Latin Mass (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 254)

Unable to kill off the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), Pope Francis further presses down on it to stamp it out, rendering it practically impossible for bishops and priests to celebrate the TLM. It would have been enough if the Pope just stuck with Traditionis Custodes, repressive as it is. But no, acting totally in opposition to synodality and pastoral concern for the flock, he infringes on the prerogatives of local bishops, who know what is best with their flock.

But faithful Catholics are reacting adversely, are resisting, and are moving proactively to preserve the TLM. Are we moving to a Church of the Catacombs?

A holy rebellion is in the works.

Trads Fend off Pope Francis’ Anti-Latin Mass Rescript

Vatican orders bishops to apply for new permissions so it can deny them

VATICAN CITY ( - Traditionalist Catholics are fighting back against Pope Francis' anti-Latin Mass rescript that prohibits bishops from granting dispensations to parishes offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

"Serious pastoral harm will follow if permission is not granted where alternative places of worship are not readily available for the use of communities attached to the older form of the Mass," the Latin Mass Society and the International Una Voce Federation have warned.

The LMS and IUVF released a statement on Wednesday — a day after the Vatican published its rescript — "express[ing] its dismay that authority over a matter of such pastoral sensitivity has been centralized in this way."

The rescript, which forces bishops to apply to the Vatican for permission to use a parish church for the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, seals a loophole in canon law (#87) that allows bishops to lift the obligations of universal law for the good of souls in their diocese.

Article published by ChurchMilitant For the full article, click here.

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