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Pope Francis Defrocks Fr Frank Pavone - Part 2 (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 222)

My QVPF #219 just 2 days ago was about Fr Marko Ivan Rupnik (a Jesuit), and my QVPF #221 today is about Fr Frank Pavone. The two are opposites, one bad and the other good. How they were treated by the Vatican are also opposites.

* Fr Rupnik sexually abused at least 9 nuns. Fr Frank is a holy orthodox pro-life priest.

* Fr Rupnik was automatically excommunicated, latae sententiae, and found guilty by an ecclesiastical court for absolving in confession a woman he had sex with, but within just a few hours Pope Francis intervened and lifted the excommunication. Fr Frank was defrocked, without possibility of appeal (he is already addressed as Mr Pavone).

* Fr Rupnik confessed and repented and was forgiven by the Jesuits and the Vatican (just like that). Fr Frank, who had no great sin to confess, was not even given the opportunity to repent if indeed he had sinned.

* Fr Rupnik was restricted in his ministry by the Jesuit order but quickly restored by Pope Francis and now enjoys a flourishing ecclesiastical career in Rome. Fr Frank was defrocked by the Vatican on Nov 9 without even notifying him (as of yesterday he had not been formally notified and so was still saying Mass).

So Pope Francis favors Fr Rupnik, a sexual predator, and Fr James Martin, an LGBT champion and promoter, and such public figures as Biden and Pelosi, who are rabid pro-aborts. And he opposes and disparages those who are conservatives, traditional, and orthodox in faith. Such as the four dubia Cardinals, such as Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong, and now such as Fr Frank Pavone.

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