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Pope Francis Names New Cardinals (Under the Fig Tree Part 17)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

Pope Francis named 21 new Cardinals to be created on August 27. One of them, the only one from the USA, is Bishop Robert McElroy. He is rabidly pro-LGBT and is firmly opposed to denying Holy Communion to pro-abortion officials, claiming this is weaponizing the Eucharist for political ends. Since Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker of the House, was just banned by her bishop from receiving Communion, this appointment sends a strong message to the US hierarchy.

On the banning of Pelosi by Abp Cordileone, 16 US bishops publicly expressed support for

him. There are 433 active and retired bishops in the USA. What about the rest? Well, one-third of US bishops are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party, which is the party of Death, being anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, anti-family, anti-life. But still, how about the rest? Many are fearful about their positions in the Church, many are more concerned about social justice issues such as immigration and climate change, and many are afraid of their woke constituencies. Now this new appointment by the Pope will ensure that not many more of them speak out against pro-aborts receiving Holy Communion.

This is the egregious failure of the American Church. For so long, the bishops have remained

silent in the face of evil, and have condoned the evil, turning a blind eye to prominent public

sinners who are pro-aborts. And to rub the bishops faces in the sand, these pro-aborts claim to be devout Catholics and so insist on receiving Holy Communion. As for the uninstructed among the faithful, they are led into error as they then think there is nothing wrong with being pro- abortion. There is confusion as well as scandal.

These bishops are complicit in the sin, as they are the teachers and pastors who are to care

for souls. When pro-aborts gravely distort Catholic moral teaching, the bishops must speak out. In remaining silent, they allow abortion extremists to remain in sin. Such bishops are

accountable to God.

The Pope himself is pro-LGBT and while not approving of abortion, remains silent and does

not call out pro-aborts who claim to be devout Catholics. Yes, indeed, he has just sent a strong signal and warning to the US bishops. He wants to stop such Communion bans in its tracks, before it gets to the super pro-abort of all, President Joe Biden.



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