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Pope Francis on circumstances eliminating fault of sodomy (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 238)

Pope Francis pushes the envelope further in his push for acceptance of homosexuality. Now he applies situation ethics, saying that circumstances may eliminate the fault of sodomy. This is contrary to the teachings of St Thomas Aquinas as well as St John Paul II.

Let us be clear. Having homosexual inclinations by itself is not a sin. But acting on such inclinations by having homosexual relationships is a sin. It is objective grave sin. This is the age-old teaching of the Church. In saying otherwise, Pope Francis commits heresy.

Pope Francis says ‘circumstances’ may ‘eliminate fault’ of sodomy in letter to Fr. James Martin

St. Thomas Aquinas teaches, contrary to what Pope Francis claimed, that circumstances can never wholly remove the guilt of grave sin for an action that is known to be gravely sinful and is yet chosen anyway.

In his most recent remarks on homosexuality, Pope Francis appears to teach situational ethics, positing that circumstances may remove altogether the guilt of grave sin for homosexual acts.

The comments came in response to questions sent to the Pope by fellow Jesuit Fr. James Martin, notorious for his heretical push for acceptance of homosexual unions and lifestyles within the Church. Following an interview the Pope gave to the Associated Press, which was published in several articles last week, in which the pontiff called for the decriminalization of sodomy throughout the world and branded faithful Catholic bishops defending such laws as being in need of “conversion,” Fr. Martin asked the Pope to “clarify” his comment that “Being gay is a sin.”

“There seems to have been some confusion about your comment, ‘Being gay is a sin,’ which, of course, is not part of church teaching.” Martin wrote. “My feeling was that you were simply repeating what others might say hypothetically. So, do you think that simply being gay is a sin?”

Article published by LifeSiteNews For the full article, click here.

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