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Pope Francis Portal (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 200)

I know there are those who are uncomfortable with attacks on Pope Francis’ teachings or postures. After alll, he is a nice man who speaks softly and loves the marginalized. But to be nice and accepting/welcoming/accompanying while ignoring the sin does not promote the righteousness of God, especially if in the process the authentic age-old teachings of Christ and his Church are being overturned or distorted.

So please take the time to educate yourself. You are doing yourself and our Church a disservice if you just accept everything that the Pope says or does, in the face of overwhelming evidence that he has veered away.

Let the truth set us all free.


Pope Francis Portal

Here are some insightful articles that reveal the positions of Pope Francis on major moral, spiritual and political issues:

Looking at Laudato Si’ in Theory and Practice I’m Catholic. Can I Disagree With Pope Francis on Property? Pope Francis’s 9 Commandments for a Just Economy Forgets the First One Faithful Resistance to Pope Francis’s Call for Civil Union Laws For Pope Francis, Abortion Is Not a Primarily Religious Matter For Pope Francis, The Holy Eucharist Is the Bread of Sinners. For Saint Thomas Aquinas, It is “Panis Angelorum” Is Pope Francis Changing Just the Church’s Tone on LGBT People, or Also the Doctrine Fr. Martin’s LGBT Activism Continues in Catholic Circles, Aided by Pope Francis In a Handwritten Letter, Pope Francis Endorses Fr. Martin’s Pro-Homosexual Activism Did Pope Francis Tell President Biden to Continue Receiving Communion? Is Pope Francis Enabling Homo-Heresey Inside the Church? Let Pope Francis Speak Out Pope Francis’s Nightmare Of a World Without Borders Pope Francis’s New Ostpolitik With Communist China is Just Like the Old One Pope Francis’s Idolatrous Nativity Scene is the Opposite of Saint Francis’s The Economy of Francis Pushes Poverty and Pulverizes Achievement Pope Francis’s Obscene Judas Painting Why is God Missing in the Economy of Francesco? Thank You Holy Father for Replying to the Dubium. Is There a Date for the Four Other Dubia? The Great Reset Feeds Secularization and Paves the Way for the De-Christianized Society Pope Francis’s Warm Welcome to Nancy Pelosi: A (not so) Subtle Message of Support for Abortionists How Pope Francis’s Canadian Trip Undermines the Traditional Catholic Concept of the Missions Pope Francis Calls Cuba a Symbol — of What?

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