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Pope Francis, the Jesuits, and the Fr Rupnik Scandal (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 219)

The Fr Rupnik scandal is getting more scandalous by the day, even with the Vatican’s attempts to suppress it. Fr Rupnik psychologically and sexually abused nuns from way back 30 years. He had been automatically excommunicated and found guilty by an ecclesiastical court. But now …..

Here are some seeming facts:

* Jesuits excommunicate Fr Rupnik but Pope Francis immediately reinstates him.

* The Jesuit Order put restrictions on Fr Rupnik’s public ministry but today he enjoys a flourishing ecclesiastical career in Rome.

* The Vatican’s CDF started an investigation in 2021 but was closed in October 2022 citing that the case is already outside the statute of limitations (though the CDF on previous occasions had waived the statute of limitations).

* The Jesuits’ attorney general wanted to take Fr Rupnik’s case to trial due to the abuses being defined as gruesome, but allegedly the Pope prevented this.

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