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Pope's Apology Tour in Canada (Under the Fig Tree Part 23)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

Pope Francis is in Canada apologizing to indigenous Indians for the “despicable evil” done by the Catholic Church in the early 1900’s. This is about the uprooting and abuse of 150,000

children in residential schools, and the discovery of unmarked graves of hundreds of children. Very humble and commendable of the Pope? Or is it?

First, there is disagreement as to the extent of and culpability for the abuse by the Church.

Much of the responsibility actually lies with the Federal government, which sponsored the

residential schools and did not act on the spreading tuberculosis infections then, which led to the deaths. In 2008 a Truth and Reconciliation Commission was formed and Prime Minister

Stephen Harper apologized to the First Nations.

Second, while the Catholic Church took in 60% of the children, there were other religious

groups involved. The discovered unmarked graves actually cannot be directly connected to the Catholic religious orders.

Third, while there could well have been abuses, how about the good done? Weren’t the

children provided better healthcare and primary education? Did they not have better

opportunities for the future? And yes, of course, were they not introduced to Christ? There are today prominent indigenous Canadians who say that their residential school experience was fantastic. Church missionaries to Canada sacrificed a lot to bring the Judeo-Christian culture to the indigenous peoples.

The apology tour of Pope Francis is consistent with liberal woke ideology. Liberals feel

compelled to apologize for their “privilege,” that is, for anything from being white to being

educated to being economically better off than others. Further, his apology actually contradicts the very mission of the Catholic Church, which is to make disciples of all nations. It seems he would have preferred the children to remain in their indigenous culture, of course as pagans, and not to become Christian.

The Pope has actually maintained his strong stand against proselytism, which by definition simply means conversion. So the Pope uses strong words of condemnation, calling what the Church has done as despicable evil. Evil? To bring people to Christ? To give them education, healthcare, skills, opportunities for the future? Yes, if there were abuses, such are to be condemned. But it cannot be a blanket condemnation of the Catholic Church.

The Pope’s ideological bent towards indigenous cultures including worship of Pachamama is

showing. He is advancing his Laudato Si agenda. So he deplores the robbing of cultural and

spiritual identity. So he prefers peoples to keep their indigenous cultures, including their

paganism. After all, according to him, all religions lead to the divine.

The Cree Nation Chief said this is a first step in making amends. So what follows? Oh yes, pay monetary compensation

Pope Francis, stop being woke. And in matters like this, you do not speak for me or for other

Catholics. And don’t think of using the money we give to the Church for this folly of yours. You have been unjust to the many who have sacrificed much for the advancement of the faith, and it is deplorable that you use this to advance your woke agenda. Most of all, you have been unjust to the cause of Christ and his Church. His Church, not yours.



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