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Pope Welcomes Transgender Group to Vatican (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? #198)

The transgender group was led by a nun and a priest. Yes they support transgenderism.

Pope Francis welcomes, encourages and affirms transgenders.

This is inclusion of egregious sin, acceptance of sexually deviant lifestyles, accompaniment to hell, and progress in destroying the Church.


Pope welcomes transgender group to Vatican for the fourth time this year

One individual who reportedly had sex-change surgery was part of a group, led by a priest and a nun, that attended Wednesday's papal audience.

Pope FrancisYouTube screenshot

Pope FrancisYouTube screenshot

Louis Knuffke VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis received in audience at the Vatican for a fourth time members of a group of transgender individuals.

L’Osservatore Romano reported today that at the Wednesday Papal audience this week, the Holy Father greeted and exchanged a few words with a group of persons who have either undergone a “sex-change” surgery or who simply identify as the opposite of their actual sex. The group was led by Sister Genevieve Jeanningros and Father Andrea Conocchia, who said the Pope’s welcome gave the group hope.

The Pope met with members of the group previously on April 27, June 22, and Aug. 3, according to L’Osservatore Romano. The meetings come as bishops and priests increasingly and openly have come out in support of homosexual and transgender lifestyles. The open dissent from the Church’s constant teaching ranges from hosting a Mass of Thanksgiving for a homosexual union in Bologna and a Mass featuring a drag queen in San Diego, to an “ecumenical LGBT prayer service” in Dublin and calls for accepting homosexual men within the priesthood in Germany. German prelates have gone so far as to call for a wholesale changing of the Church’s sexual moral teaching, in what other cardinals and bishops have denounced as open apostacy and schism.

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