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Prayer of a Pro-life Warrior (The Culture of Life Part 2)

Mother Angelica adapted the prayer of Judith (Judith 9:5-14) for her nuns to pray daily as she faced obstacles, persecutions and adversities in her work. The situation of EWTN today is a testimony to the effectiveness of their prayer.

The prayer of Judith looks like a perfect prayer for us pro-life warriors, facing the Holofernes of our day. It suits perfectly the situation we face--a fight to the death (and for life) between David and Goliath, between Judith and Holofernes. Of course we all know how the confrontation between Judith and Holofernes turned out.

I recommend that we pray this prayer daily, and pray it at major pro-life events.

* * *

Prayer of a Pro-Life Warrior

(from the Prayer of Judith,

as adapted by Mother Angelica)

"O my God, hear me. It is You who were the author of past events, and of what preceded and followed them. The present and the future You have planned. Whatever You devise comes into being; the things You decide upon come forward and say, "Here we are!" All Your ways are in readiness, and Your judgment is made with foreknowledge.

"Here is a vast force, filled with pride and boasting of their power, trusting in themselves. they do not know that You, the Lord, crush warfare; Lord is Your name.

"Shatter their strength in Your might, and crush their force in Your wrath; for they have resolved to profane Your work, to defile the Church where Your glorious name resides; to overthrow Your altar. See their pride, and send forth Your wrath upon their heads. Strengthen me, O God. Crush their pride with Your hands.

"Your strength is not in numbers, nor does Your power depend upon men; but You are the God of the lowly, the Helper of the oppressed, the Supporter of the weak, the Protector of the forsaken, and the Savior of those without hope.

"Please, please, God and Lord of Heaven and Earth, Creator of the waters, King of all You have created, hear my prayer! Bring confusion on those who have planned dire things against Your covenant, Your holy temple, and the homes Your children have inherited. Let the whole world know clearly that You are the God of all power and might, and that there is no other who protects us but You alone. Amen."

* * *

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