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Proclaiming the Kingdom (Modernism Part 81)

June 11, 2024Today’s gospel: Matthew 10:7-13


      Jesus sent out the apostles to proclaim the Kingdom of God. He told them what to do: “Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons.” (v.8a). They went out and literally did all these. Today, while these are still literally being done, the meaning for most of us is different, though with the same effect in advancing the Kingdom.         But modernists in the Church stand in the way.

        We are to “cure the sick.” One top modernist has characterized the Church as a field hospital. Rightly so. To be right there tending to God’s wounded people. But since modernists just accept and accompany sinners without talking of their sin and trying to reform them, then it becomes like a field hospital that seeks out the wounded, cleans them up, makes them comfortable, feeds them, but does not treat their grave wounds!        We are to “raise the dead.” There are many who are walking dead. They are in grave sin and at risk of losing their souls if and when they die. Thus we are to proclaim Christ to them, to help bring them to conversion and renewal, to repent of sin, to be cleansed and brought to new life in Christ. But modernists disdain proselytism, which just means making converts. They bless grave sinners, like those in same-sex relationships. They thus keep sinners dead in their sin!        We are to “cleanse lepers.” Lepers are those who have skin diseases and were thus excluded from the community. Today grave unrepentant sinners are those who are stained, and who are outside the Church (though they may be physically in the Church). Modernists do not like talking of sin because it is offensive, and so the grave situation is not addressed. In accepting grave sinners, they offer false mercy. In fact, modernists consider grave unrepentant sinners to be part of the communion of saints!          We are to “drive out demons.” Sin is of Satan. Unrepented grave sin brings one firmly under the dominion of the evil one. In bringing such a person to Christ, the hold of Satan is broken. In moving on toward holiness, demonic influence is blunted. But modernists no longer talk of the supernatural, but look merely to what is secular, to what is the culture of the age, conforming to it. But the world is under the evil one, and embrace of the zeitgeist brings one under Satan’s dominion!

          Jesus commanded the apostles to “go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (v.6). Today, his disciples are told to go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel of salvation. Today 99 of the 100 sheep are lost. Modernists, by their heretical teaching, keep them lost and not able to find their way back to the Kingdom. We are to do otherwise.


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