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Puerto Rican Bp Fernandez (Orthodox bishops Part 11)

Bp Daniel Fernandez Torres, a conservative bishop who has long defended the traditional family, has been removed by the Pope from his diocese in Puerto Rico. Why? Because he opposed the banning of conversion therapy for homosexuals, and opposed the imposition of the COVID-19 vaccine, both of which were supported by the other liberal bishops.

He was removed without explanation or a just canonical process. In fact, no offense was cited. So much for mercy and justice as preached by Pope Francis, who continues to purge the hierarchy of conservative bishops in favor of liberal bishops.

Bp Fernandez said, “I feel blessed to suffer persecution and slander for proclaiming the truth.” Tragically, it is the Pope who has been the persecutor.


Pope removes Puerto Rican bishop from office

Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is pictured in Arecibo in this this Oct. 19, 2016, file photo.

Pope Francis has “relieved” Bishop Fernández of the pastoral care of the diocese, the Vatican announced without providing an explanation. In a statement Bishop Fernández said that there were no formal charges against him but that he was just asked to resign.

Article published by National Catholic Reporter. For the full article, click here.


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