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Puerto Rican Bp Fernandez - Part 2 (Orthodox bishops Part 14)

I first wrote of Bp Fernandez last March 10 (Orthodox Bishops #11). He is a conservative bishop who has been removed by a liberal Pope. Why? Because he did not fall in line with the Pope’s liberal agenda, especially on vaccines. He was removed without canonical process.

It is total injustice by a Dictator Pope (see book “The Dictator Pope: The Inside Story of the Francis Papacy,” a biography authored by Anglo-French historian H.J.A. Sire last 2017). Sire describes the Pope as a ruthless autocrat aggressively asserting the powers of the papacy in pursuit of a radical agenda. That description certainly fits him well. We already know what that radical agenda is.

So here again is the Pope, ignoring the appeals of Bp Fernandez for a meeting, just as he ignored the 4 dubia Cardinals and Cardinal Zen of China. But he has lots of time for globalists and homosexualists.

--------------------------------- Deposed Puerto Rican bishop pushes for Pope Francis meeting

Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres. Credit: Diocese of Arecibo

A deposed Puerto Rican bishop continues to make efforts to meet with Pope Francis, nearly three months after his removal from the Diocese of Arecibo was announced by the Holy See March 9.

In a canonical brief obtained by The Pillar, Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres claims he has not been given any official statement on the reasons for his removal, and that he was not offered any opportunity to address Vatican concerns over his leadership before he was removed from office.

Article published by The Pillar. For the full article, click here.

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