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Roe v Wade Overturned - 2 (Under the Fig Tree Part 19)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

This fight for life has been won, but the greater war still rages. Expect liberals to move

ferociously to protect the unholy grail of abortion. Satan does not give up on child sacrifice to Baal. Neither will his minions.

Here are what they have been doing, are doing, and will do.

  • They can attempt to kill one or more of the anti-abort Supreme Court justices. With pro-abort liberals being appointed as replacements, the Court flips to a pro-abortion one.

  • While they still have the majority in both houses of Congress, they can try to increase the number of justices and pack the Supreme Court with pro-abort liberals, so they can overturn the overturning.

  • Woke corporations (such as Amazon, Disney, Starbucks, Citigroup, Levi Strauss, Uber) have committed to fly their employees who want an abortion to those states where abortion is still permitted, and to pay for all their expenses.

  • President Biden is considering establishing abortion facilities in Federal-owned land in states that have banned abortion.

  • The Democrats are going to do all they can to cheat in the November elections (which they did in 2020), where all are foreseeing a red wave (Republican victories), in order to preserve their majorities, and then enact more pro-abortion laws.

The fight for the soul (literally) of America continues.



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