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Satan Entered Him (Thought for the Day Part 5)

Judas was chosen by Jesus himself. He was in his daily company for three years. He was taught by him, parables explained to him, witnessed first hand his miracles, was sent on mission and drove out demons. But still, Judas betrayed Jesus.

If it happened to one of Jesus' apostles, it can happen to any of us, even as we are deep into the company of and service to Jesus.

What happened to Judas? He perhaps was still looking for that king who would liberate them from the Romans; he failed to grasp God's vision. He perhaps, like the others, could not accept the suffering that Jesus said he needed to undergo; he failed to appreciate the cross. He perhaps wanted to force Jesus' hand by betraying him to the Jews; he failed to learn submission and obedience.

We would never consciously or deliberately betray Jesus. But by some of our actions, we might unwittingly be doing so.

Jesus is there for us, not wanting for us to go astray. Even with Judas, Jesus gave him a last opportunity to turn back from his course. Jesus pronounced woe to whoever betrays him (Mt 26:24). But Judas persisted, "Surely it is not I, Rabbi?" (Mt 26:25). Jesus pointed out that the one who took the morsel from him is the betrayer, but still Judas took it (Jn 13:26-27a). So "Satan entered him" (Jn 13:27b).

How tragic! The temple of the Holy Spirit is taken over by Satan. The evil one is able to penetrate the barrier of grace and goodness provided by God.

It can happen. And the "betrayal" of Jesus often has its roots in seemingly insignificant lapses, in small indiscretions or minor infidelities.

Choose to always be on the right path. Accept God's vision for your life and service with humility, gratitude and faith. Be willing to embrace the cross, with joy. Submit your life totally to Jesus.

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