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Shifting Winds in Europe Part 2 (Under The Fig Tree Part 37)

Western fake news and propaganda continue to proclaim that Russia is losing the war in Ukraine. This is far from true. In fact, it is the European Union (EU) that is beginning to unravel. Due to the energy crisis, basically caused by the EU putting sanctions on Russian energy, Europe faces inflation, economic slowdown, closure of businesses, workers’ demonstrations, and worse, a cold winter without adequate energy for heating. People in different countries are already taking to the streets to protest. People in some countries have started chopping down trees for firewood. The ordinary citizen wants sanctions against Russia lifted, and the all-out support for Ukraine stopped. Pressure against government bureaucracies is high.

The sanctions against Russia have failed, and the tables have been turned on Europe. But there is one winner in all this. It is the USA. It is selling LPG to Europe at 4 to 5 times higher than market prices. It had caused the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines in order to preempt Germany from once again getting gas from Russia. The US has tightened its hold over Europe, making it dependent for energy and security. The EU is no longer a partner but a vassal.

Now, in their desperation, European countries are starting to push back against US hegemony, though still a bit timidly. But as economic conditions worsen, and the winter sets in, we can expect more pushback. Here is what is happening now.

  • Serbia, an EU candidate country, avers its support for Russia.

  • Greece has turned back to Russia for oil and gas.

  • Turkey has set up with Russia a gas hub, in its territory, that will get gas from Russia and redistribute to other countries.

  • Italy has reached a gas supply agreement with Russia.

  • Bulgaria has lifted restrictions against Russian energy.

  • France, engulfed in nationwide protests and workers’ demands, may bow to the pressure to turn back to Russian gas.

  • Hungary had never cut its oil imports from Russia from the start.

  • German workers have held demonstrations carrying the Russian flag and demand the lifting of sanctions on Russian energy.

  • Croatia, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Slovenia have sympathies toward Russia.

For its part, Russia, in finding that a line in its Nord Stream pipeline is still usable, has offered gas to Europe, at 1/3 to 1/4 market prices.

Perhaps all this will result in loosening the stranglehold of the US on Europe, and get Europe to return to its relations with Russia, which is actually its natural partner.

And what about the war in Ukraine that caused all these troubles? Even Elon Musk had the practical suggestion. Let Russia keep territories whose populations are mainly ethnic Russian (these territories belonged historically to Russia). The war ends. Simple. Then let the energy flow. Let prosperity return to Europe. Let Ukraine be reconstructed, with help even from Russia.

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