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Shifting Winds in Europe (Under The Fig Tree Part 29)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

The European Union (EU) is liberal and pushes the culture of DEATH. It is highly supportive of the Great Reset of the New World Order. Together with the USA, the EU is at the forefront of a culture that is anti-God, anti-family and anti-life. And together with NATO, the EU is at the forefront of an all-out assault on Russia, which is pro-God, pro-Church, pro-family and pro-life.

But there are shifting winds in Europe. The EU is not a solid alliance. A number of nations are wary of the increasingly totalitarian control by bureaucrats based in Brussels. And so various nations have expressed their sentiments on the political front.

  • The United Kingdom (UK) of course has already left the EU with Brexit.

  • Italy has a new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who is a conservative, is pro-life, and vows to defend God, country and family. Italy is already being threatened by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, with sanctions if the new government goes against EU norms and values.

  • Hungary, under Viktor Orban, is pro-family and pro-life, and is increasingly going against EU directions, including its sympathetic stance towards Russia.

  • Sweden, in its recent elections, saw the ascendance of right-wing parties, albeit with a razor-thin majority over the governing center-left coalition (175 to 174 seats).

  • France, in its recent elections, saw the advance of the National Rally, the party of Marine Le Pen (with 42% of the votes), which is far right in relation to the current President Macron’s being on the left.

  • Turkey (membership pending) is increasingly impatient with its non-accession to the EU, since 1987. Further, Russia remains a vital trading partner for its economy.

  • Serbia (membership pending) is not fully aligned with EU foreign and security policy. Serbia is sympathetic to Russia and has not joined EU sanctions.

There are other developments.

  • The European Parliament elected Roberta Metsola as its President. She is the youngest ever and the first woman in this role, and she is anti-abortion (though pro-LGBT). She is from Malta, and Malta is the only EU member to have a complete ban on abortion.

  • In Germany, France and Czech Republic, support for anti-Russia sanctions is waning.

  • In Italy, France, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia, support for populism (and thus anti-leftism) is rising. There is growing rejection of pan-European orthodoxy.

These developments, so far as these challenge and/or oppose the liberal leftist thrust of the EU, are welcome. They can disrupt the rapid move towards the New World Order. The influence of the EU, together with the USA, in promoting the culture of DEATH, could be eroded.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church in Europe is increasingly on the side of the liberals.

  • The Vatican itself, under Pope Francis, is liberal and highly supportive of the EU and the NWO.

  • The Church in Germany, with its Synodal Way, promotes homosexuality and abortion.

  • The Church in Belgium very recently approved of homosexual relationships and offered a liturgical blessing for same-sex couples.

Indeed winds are shifting in Europe. But the storms of sin and evil continue to batter the continent.


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