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Standing on God's Word (The Way Forward Part 219)

Today’s psalm: Psalm 119:97-102

Reading, knowing, studying, meditating on the Bible is of crucial importance to our lives. The Bible is the very word of God, intended to teach and guide His people in the way they are to go. The Bible is not just for the learned and the wise, but for all. God does not withhold His wisdom from any of His people. Today it is even more crucial for us to know the Bible ourselves. We cannot just depend on pastors or hierarchs. There are those who have become modernist, who no longer proclaim the authentic gospel. On the contrary, they twist God’s words in order to promote their secular humanist view of alternative reality. Know that any reality that is alternative to God’s will be that of the evil one.

So what is our posture? “How I love your law, Lord! I study it all day long.” (v.97). We must

immerse ourselves in the word of God. We must plumb its depths. We must munch it, digest it, and make it an integral part of us. What results from all this?

- We cannot be deceived by the evil one, who is the father of lies, and by all his minions

in the Church today. “Your commandment makes me wiser than my foes, as it is

forever with me.” (v.98). Do not think: I am just a lowly layperson, not a theologian,

not an expert in any way. It is the wisdom of God that we hold on to.

- We can see and refute false teaching. “I have more insight than all my teachers,

because I ponder your testimonies.” (v.99). Do not be intimidated by their academic

degrees or positions of authority in religious teaching institutions.

- We will not be guided along false paths. “I have more understanding than my elders,

because I keep your precepts.” (v.100).

- We will not be sucked into the evils of the culture of the age. “I keep my steps from

every evil path, that I may observe your word.” (v.101).

- We will remain on the straight and narrow path which leads to salvation. “From your

judgments I do not turn, for you have instructed me.” (v.102).

The great threat to our Christian life today is modernism, because it takes what is good and

true and then twists and distorts these to reflect an alternate reality, which is totally opposed

to the authentic gospel. And today this modernist teachings are being put forth by the highest authorities in our Church.

So do not be deceived. Know and stand on the authentic word of God.

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