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Support for abortion a matter of conscience and one's pastor? (Quo vadis, Pope Francis? Part 191)

Once again, Pope Francis is in grave error. He says Biden’s support for abortion is a matter for his conscience and pastor. While there is truth to this, it is pastorally wrong on two counts.

First, it is never just a matter of conscience, for the simple reason that conscience can be flawed. And in fact, in the modernism in today’s Church, it is easy for conscience to be flawed because it is being formed by pastors who teach the wrong things. So when the Pope tells a gay man that he is born that way, then that man’s conscience will not convict him of any wrong with regard to gay relations. Or when the Pope approves of same-sex marriage, then those in them will consider they are not doing wrong. And when the Pope says the rabid pro-abort can receive Holy Communion, then that can be the ultimate proof that he is doing no wrong.

Second, as seen above, the pastor himself can be in grave error. So when the pastor allows a pro-abort to receive Holy Communion, then it is OK? Then how about the case of Pelosi where her pastor actually told her not to receive Holy Communion, but the Pope does not dissuade her from disobeying her pastor?

By the way, Pope Francis, Biden’s support for abortion is not “incoherence” but grave mortal sin, which will bring his soul to hell.

Our consciences need to be properly formed. Woe to those pastors, including the Pope, who are instrumental in forming flawed consciences, which keep Catholics in grave sin.


Pope Francis: Biden’s support for abortion is a matter for his ‘conscience’ and ‘pastor’

‘Let him talk to his pastor about this incoherence,’ said the Pontiff.

Pope Francis

Michael Haynes VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis has noted the “incoherence” of President Joe Biden’s support for abortion as a Catholic, but said that he “leaves it” to Biden’s “conscience” whether to receive Holy Communion or not.

Speaking to the Spanish TV network Univision in an interview segment released July 12, the 85-year-old pope condemned abortion, saying that “scientific data” show that “a month after conception, the DNA of the fetus is already present and the organs are already aligned.”

“Is it fair to eliminate a human life?,” he asked.

As for the position of self-described “Catholic” U.S. President Joe Biden and his prominent promotion of abortion, Pope Francis did not take an authoritative stance. He stated that he “leaves it” to Biden’s “conscience,” saying “let him talk to his pastor about this incoherence.” Controversy has clouded the Vatican in recent months regarding this issue.

Article published by LifeSiteNews. For the full article, click here.

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