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Synod of Bishops Post in FB Page (Liberal Bishops Part 106)

Subtle but in-your-face. The US Synod of Bishops posted in its Facebook page this image, which, among others, shows (1) a woman dressed in priest’s garments, and (2) a person in a yellow shirt with the word PRIDE in rainbow-colors. Ordination of women and acceptance of homosexuality are two main items in the liberal agenda.

This will be part of the inputs for the Synod on Synodality, which touts listening to the people about the direction of the Church. So the US Synod of Bishops already publicly posts this, showing where many US bishops want to go.


What’s behind the ‘woman priest’ Facebook post from the Synod of Bishops?

A social media stir has greeted the image of a “woman priest,” among several other artistic images, posted to the Synod of Bishops’ Facebook page. Though it is unclear whether the Facebook page noticed the figure, the artwork does come from a Philadelphia gathering of college students that said Holy Orders should be open to women.

“In #Frascati22 our experts are working on the syntheses produced during the local consultation phase,” the Synod of Bishops’ Facebook page said in a Sept. 24 post, referring to the Italian town of Frascati. These gatherings for the Synod of Synodality included “pages and pages full of stories, insights, but also in some cases real works of art. Look at that!”

The Facebook post includes several cropped artworks with the Latin-language watermark of the Synod of Bishops in the upper-left corner.

One image shows five young people holding hands in front of a church, including a woman in the vestments of a priest. She is next to a person holding a microphone and wearing a yellow shirt that says “pride” in rainbow-colored letters. The person with a microphone appears to say “we are the young people of the future and the future is now.” The uncropped image is subtitled “Chain of Discipleship.”

Article published by CNA For the full article, click here.

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