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Teaching About The Law (Thought for the Day Part 107)

Gospel reading: Matthew 5:17-19

Christians, if they are to be authentic Christians, are to live out the commandments of God. Many today no longer live out God’s commandments, and this is due to their own choices in life, but also to wrong teaching they may have received. As such, pastors and teachers bear a great responsibility with regards to the faith.

Jesus said, “whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.” (v.19a). But what are being broken today are not the least of the commandments, but even the most basic. For those who do so, they will not even be called least in the Kingdom, but will not be a part of it. And again, those who teach bear a greater responsibility and will suffer a more severe judgment.

How do pastors and teachers teach others to break God’s commandments?

  • When they do not openly denounce those who are pro-abortion and even give them Holy Communion. As such, people are being effectively told that such a stance is acceptable.

  • When they do not condemn same-sex unions and even give a public blessing to such unions. As such, evil is being blessed and those in such unions continue in their sinful situation.

  • When they tell a gay person that he is born that way or that God wills his being such. As such, there is no reason to change.

  • When they accept, accompany and embrace those in grave sin but do not speak to them of their sin, because it is offensive and hurtful. As such, they remain in their sin.

There is rot in our Church today because many Catholics remain in unrepented sin. But the greater sin is on those pastors who should be guiding such Catholics but in effect, by wrong teaching, affirm them in their sin. These modern-day scribes and Pharisees “will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (v.20).

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