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The Climate Hoax - 18 (Assaults on Faith, Family and Life Part 155)

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

COP26 is ongoing. And there continues to be climate change hysteria and alarmism.

But do not worry. Climate has always changed, and there is no threat to our continued existence and thriving in this world.


Don’t let the media fool you. Droughts aren’t being caused by man-made climate change

Nov 8, 2021

(American Thinker) — It is amazing news that there has never been a famine caused by climate change until now.

The lead story on ABC news on Monday, November 1 was a blatant, intentional lie spreading propaganda on climate change to mislead the public.

It is tremendously sad and dangerous that so much of what is purported to be news today is Democrat talking points used to pass their radical leftist agenda to destroy America:

But unlike other countries, where extreme hunger and near-famine conditions are caused by war, conflict, or isolated weather events, in this part of Madagascar, the cause is so far unique: southern Madagascar is on the verge of becoming the world’s first climate-change induced near-famine in modern history.

The story itself was newsworthy and sad. A huge number of children are suffering from hunger due to a five-year drought in Madagascar. The lie occurred when David Muir said this is the first drought-based famine that has occurred because of climate change and implied that it is being caused by oil and humans. That is pure BS.

Anyone who still has a brain knows that droughts and famines throughout history have occurred naturally and cyclically. They are caused by a lack of rain. The Earth’s climate has always been subject to change. How does Muir think so much of the Earth is covered by desert if it weren’t for long droughts?

Instead of ABC encouraging Madagascar to modernize by using fossil fuels, they are using the Malagasy as pawns to push the leftist agenda. Why are so many people who supposedly care willing to keep the poor and underdeveloped countries from thriving with the help of water utilities, wells, sewage plants, air-conditioning, central heat, and modern farming — all provided by fossil fuels?

Nothing says you care about your carbon footprint as much as when 400 private jets fly to Scotland to preach about other people’s carbon footprint. I am also sure Biden’s 85-vehicle caravan was absolutely necessary as he spews forth nonsense and falls asleep.

Five minutes of research showed famines throughout history, a significant share caused by climate change. Here are a few:

Millions of people died in successive droughts in India from 1870 to 1916. Out of six major droughts, five were caused cyclically and naturally because the climate always has changed and continues to change.

Millions of people died due to famines in India in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; however, the relationship of historical famines with drought is complicated and not well understood. Using station-based observations and simulations, we reconstruct soil moisture (agricultural) drought in India for the period 1870–2016. We show that over this century and a half period, India experienced seven major drought periods (1876–1882, 1895–1900, 1908–1924, 1937–1945, 1982–1990, 1997–2004, and 2011–2015) based on severity-area-duration analysis of reconstructed soil moisture. Out of six major famines (1873–74, 1876, 1877, 1896–97, 1899, and 1943) that occurred during 1870–2016, five are linked to soil moisture drought, and one (1943) was not. The three most deadly droughts (1877, 1896, and 1899) were linked with the positive phase of El Niño–Southern Oscillation. Five major droughts were not linked with famine, and three of those five non-famine droughts occurred after Indian independence in 1947.

From 1876 to 1878, 50 million people died (when the world population was much smaller) in Asia, Brazil, and Africa due to varying climate situations that included the cool Pacific, a record-breaking El Niño, and a record warm Atlantic. None of these conditions was caused by humans, methane, cars, industrialization, or fossil fuels.

The extreme severity, duration, and extent of this global event is associated with an extraordinary combination of preceding cool tropical Pacific conditions (1870–76), a record-breaking El Niño (1877–78), a record strong Indian Ocean dipole (1877), and record warm North Atlantic Ocean (1878) conditions.

From 1875 to 1878, concurrent multiyear droughts in Asia, Brazil, and Africa, referred to as the Great Drought, caused widespread crop failures, catalyzing the so-called Global Famine, which had fatalities exceeding 50 million people and long-lasting societal consequences. Observations, paleoclimate reconstructions, and climate model simulations are used 1) to demonstrate the severity and characterize the evolution of drought across different regions, and 2) to investigate the underlying mechanisms driving its multiyear persistence. Severe or record-setting droughts occurred on continents in both hemispheres and in multiple seasons, with the “Monsoon Asia” region being the hardest hit, experiencing the single most intense and the second most expansive drought in the last 800 years. The extreme severity, duration, and extent of this global event is associated with an extraordinary combination of preceding cool tropical Pacific conditions (1870–76), a record-breaking El Niño (1877–78), a record strong Indian Ocean dipole (1877), and record warm North Atlantic Ocean (1878) conditions.

The Sahara Desert used to be fertile but became a desert between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago. The transition occurred because the climate changed, and it has been in a drought for thousands of years. People and animals adapted by moving.

Most of the media and other Democrats have lied for decades about the existential threat of climate change supposedly caused by humans and fossil fuels. Not once do we see scientific data, or facts showing a direct causal relationship, because facts don’t matter, only the agenda and power.

I hope enough American people wake up and do not submit to the draconian measures being proposed, which will cause the U.S. to commit economic suicide. It is no wonder that the media are not trusted to tell the truth when they so willingly and intentionally lie.

In the 1970s, we were told that billions would die soon because of the existential threat of global cooling and starvation.

In the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s, we are continuously told of the existential threat of billions dying because of warming.

Basically, what we are told is based on an agenda, or feelings, not science. The rich people who live in multiple mansions and fly in private jets or have an eighty-five-car caravan clearly don’t care about their carbon footprint. They care about their image, and if they say the same things as a teenager named Greta, they will be supported and allowed to live their lives as they want.

Anyone who tells the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally, and that there is zero correlation between oil use and temperature, will be silenced, canceled, and destroyed.

Republished with permission from the American Thinker.

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