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The Covid Pandemic

Updated: Apr 6, 2022


A hermit observing the world from his cave

It has been two years. Have the handling of the pandemic and the massive use of COVID vaccines been a boon or a bane? It remains to be seen, in the years to come.

Only time will tell.

But I can say that the lockdowns and the mandates have done great harm to the world. Here are the negatives. • Massive use of vaccines has made it longer to achieve herd immunity. • Many deaths and severe adverse reactions to the vaccines have occurred, beyond what would have been acceptable for normal vaccine development. • There has been serious worldwide economic collapse. • There has been disastrous devastation of education, tourism, sports, etc. • There has been emotional and psychological damage, especially to young children. • Peoples have been split into bitterly opposing camps—the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. • Big Pharma has been enabled to illicitly earn billions. • Corrupt government officials and groups were benefitted through massive marketing of masks, face shields and tests, many of these questionable as to effectivity. • Totalitarian government diktats became the order of the day. • Globalist depopulationists were given the opportunity to aggressively pursue their agenda of a New World Order dominated by unelected elites, leading to universal dictatorship. • The way has been paved for social credit screening and acceptability ratings through wide use of artificial intelligence, 5G network surveillance and vaccine passports, leading to total control of the population by the state. • Even hierarchs in the Church became tyrannical. • Truth has become a victim by outright lies and cover-ups by medical and scientific persons, as well as media and fake checkers.

The world has been permanently scarred by this COVID scourge, but hopefully the worse is behind us, and we would be facing no longer a pandemic but an endemic.

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