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The Judas in Us (Thought for The Day Part 110)

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Gospel reading: Matthew 26:14-25

We do admit that we are all sinners. But perhaps many do not know to what extent they

indeed are sinners. Some would even have a sense of self-righteousness, even as they say they are sinners. We know who are the real sinners, and it is not us. We look at Judas, who betrayed Jesus, as loathsome, as contemptible. But is there a Judas in each of us? Let us see.

Judas went to the chief priests and sold Jesus out (v.14-15). We would never think that we would betray Jesus, but might we actually do so?

  • By the bad witness at times in our lives, which scandalizes people, especially if done by those who are top leaders, and it causes people to hesitate about or even reject the Christ we represent.

  • When we uncritically accept the modernist teachings of hierarchs (the chief priests in Jesus’ time) and pass these on, being then complicit in the deceptions against the authentic Christian faith.

  • When we see and hear the egregious assaults on faith, family and life by Church pastors, and not have a sense of moral outrage at the continuing destruction of the faith.

Judas “looked for an opportunity to hand him over.” (v.16). We would never think that we

are on the lookout for ways by which we can betray Jesus, but might we actually be doing so?

  • By our failure to pray every day and so keep our minds and hearts fixed on Jesus, thus making us more prone to fall into wrongdoing during the day.

  • By filling our minds each day with the enticement of worldly things, offered by the Internet, social media, secular entertainment and other distractions, which draw us further away from Jesus.

  • When we remain silent in the face of the culture of DEATH.

Jesus said that “he who has dipped his hand into the dish with me is the one who will betray

me.” (v.23). We claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus. That relationship might

actually be quite deep, we might actually be serving Jesus a lot, just like Judas who was one of the Twelve and who would have meals with Jesus, dipping their hands in the same dish.

  • We must never take for granted our relationship with Jesus, which the enemy always tries to disrupt and eliminate. And the higher you are in your relationship with or service to Jesus, the greater will be the attacks of the evil one.

  • We must not remain in the company of Jesus’ disciples but have a different opposing agenda or priorities than that of the Master.

Jesus told the disciples that one would betray him, and Judas, knowing full well he was the

one, said, “Surely it is not I, Rabbi?” (v.25a).

  • Do we refuse to call sin a sin, and ignore sins in our life? To sin is actually to “fall short” of the righteousness of God. This is why we are all still sinners.

  • Do we fail to take responsibility for mistakes or wrongs we have done?

  • Do we look to Jesus as rabbi (Master and Teacher) but not do what he tells us?

  • Do we become modernist, claiming to be devout while supporting egregious evil such as abortion and transgenderism?

Is there a Judas in us? Yes there is. Yes we do end up betraying Jesus at times. But Jesus has

already saved and sanctified us. We need to go from just recognizing the obvious sins to being more discerning as to how we fail, or even betray, Jesus. And aside from sins of commission, there are the sins of omission. We must never be complacent, knowing that we have already accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord, but know how easily we can fail him.

Jesus says, “woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed. It would be better for

that man if he had never been born.” (v.24). God did give us life. He intends it to be a bountiful life lived in him. Let us help preserve that life, and never betray Jesus in any way.

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