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The Pope and Climate (Quo Vadis, Pope Francis? Part 171)

Pope Francis and the Jesuits are at the forefront of liberal and secular-humanist postures, and their errors continue.

The sin of not taking care of climate is a form of paganism? No. Here is the truth: we should take care of the environment, which care is entrusted to humankind by God right at creation. But climate and the environment are different things. Climate is complex, climate does change through the centuries, at times in extreme degrees, and there is not much human mitigation we can do to influence climate change. Not eating meat to prevent cow farts is certainly not going to help at all.

Is it a form of paganism? There is no relation to paganism at all. What does relate to paganism though is the worship of pachamama, which the Pope allowed to happen at the Vatican.

Caring for the communal home is already evangelization? No. Evangelization is the proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Jesus. It is about true life in Christ. On the other hand, climate alarmism includes pro-abortion and population control forces, which are of course of the evil one.

There are less than 30 years to prevent catastrophic climate change? No. The Pope here joins many so-called scientists and climate experts who have repeatedly said the world within so many years is ending, or food will be gone, or whatever other catastrophic events will happen. They have all proven wrong. The Pope is just one other false prophet of doom.

Pope Francis insists on synodality. My belief is that this process of the Synod on Synodalilty will pave the way to increased liberalism in our Church, including the acceptance of LGBT.


Pope Francis says not taking care of the ‘climate’ is a ‘form of paganism’

In his wide-ranging discussion with fellow Jesuits while in Malta, Pope Francis revealed his commitment to promoting ‘climate change’ policies as a form of ‘evangelization'.

Pope Francis meeting fellow Jesuits in Malta, April 3, 2022Antonio Spadaro S.J./La Civilta Cattolica screenshot

Michael Haynes VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis has condemned the “sin” of “not taking care of climate” as a “form of paganism.” He has also added that “there is no going back” on the current “process of synodality.” During his recent brief trip to Malta, Pope Francis met with 38 of his fellow Jesuits in the Nunciature on April 3. The informal 40 minute discussion ranged from issues regarding seminary formation and spiritual direction, to synodality, migration and “climate change.” The official transcript was published in Jesuit-run magazine La Civilta Cattolica on April 14.

Article published by LifeSiteNews. For the full article, click here.

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