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The Ukraine War Goes On (Under the Fig Tree Part 20)

A hermit observing the world from his cave

The war in Ukraine, which started in February 24, is still raging, even more ferociously than

ever. The Ukrainian people are the poor victims in this war, which is not so much between

Ukraine and Russia, but between the West (the US and the EU) and Russia.

This war was totally avoidable. If a CIA-instigated coup which overthrew the pro-Russia

government in Ukraine did not happen in 2013-2014; if the 2015 Minsk Agreement between

Kyiv and Moscow regarding separatists in the Donbas region (Donetsk and Luhansk) was

implemented; if Crimea which belonged to Russia before and has a mainly Russian population which voted to be with Russia in a referendum was ceded to Russia; if the West and NATO did not press its borders right up to Russia’s doorstep.

This Ukraine war has not hurt Russia as much as it has the economies of the West and the

rest of the world. So why has the West insisted on supplying even more arms to Ukraine rather than helping negotiate peace? It seems as if the West wants to fight Russia to the last

Ukrainian. And even risk a nuclear confrontation, possibly triggering World War III.

There are a number of reasons.

The first can be seen by looking at who stands to benefit most from this ongoing conflict. It is the military-industrial complex of the West. War is big business! And the US has the biggest slice of the pie. This conflict could easily be stopped, but NATO salivates at the prospect of more military spending, as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned that the war “could last for years.”

Second, the other party that seeks to benefit from this ongoing war is the corrupt US

administration under President Biden. Biden is doing all he can to devastate the economy of the US, with shortages of energy and food, and needs a scapegoat. So rising oil prices are Putin’s fault. Further, since everyone predicts a massacre of the Democratic Party at the US November mid-term polls, Biden is desperate to rally support for his failing Party. What better way than sounding the trumpets of war? And if that does not work, he might make a desperate bid to cancel the elections, citing a wartime situation.

Third, there is the Western geopolitical agenda that is pushing the culture of DEATH upon

the world. We have seen how US liberals have gone berserk with the overturning of Roe v

Wade, threatening the unholy grail of abortion. So the West, both the US and the EU, are anti-faith, anti-family and anti-life. On the other hand, Russia is avowedly pro-faith, pro-Church, pro-family and pro-life. It is a clash of cultures, with abortion and sodomy lovers on one side, and family and life advocates on the other.

Ukraine was not just the final push to the borders of Russia (soon to include Finland), but

Western liberals had staked their claim on Ukrainian soil, making this nation a center for LGBT and for surrogacy, as well as bio-weapons research in a number of bio-labs. It was becoming an important component of the New World Order.

Ukraine is a pawn of the West against Russia. The corrupt West would want regime change

in Russia, as it accomplished in Ukraine, to further its globalist agenda. As such, the West is

escalating the war and not giving peace a chance. The West sends weapons and not diplomats.



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