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The Widow's Mite-5 (Financial Stewardship Part 23)

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Today’s gospel: Luke 21:1-4

Financial giving is not measured by God in absolute amounts but in relation to one’s income or resources, and of course in relation to one’s heart. Jesus compared “some wealthy people putting their offerings into the treasury” (v.1) with “a poor widow putting in two small coins.” (v.2). Her offering was obviously so much smaller in monetary value, but in divine math, God judged her offering “more than all the rest” (v.3). Why? Because “others have all made offerings from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.” (v.4).

We can deduce some things about financial giving here.

One, no one is too poor as to have nothing to give. In fact, the Lord allows the poor to given even everything that they have, to the detriment of their own material and physical well-being. No sacrifice is to great to honor God. How about you? Are you always giving the excuse that you do not have enough, or that you need to use your money for your own family first? Give beyond your means.

Two, the value of financial giving is not so much in monetary terms but in terms of the love and sacrifice that goes with it. Do you wait until you have more than enough before you give what is due to God? Then when that happens, your giving is no longer that praiseworthy.

Three, give until it hurts. True financial giving is supposed to hurt. If it is just your surplus and does not even impact on your financial situation, while the money is still acceptable for God’s treasury, the giving is not salvific. But when it hurts, when it takes money that could have been used for personal or family needs, then that is what is of true worth.

Jesus extolled the poor widow. You would do well to also look to her example.

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