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The Wisdom of God (Modernism Part 22)

Today’s readings:

Wisdom 7:22-8:1

Psalm 119:89-91,130,135,175

Luke 17:20-25

Modernists are striving to build a man-made utopia. Be social justice warriors, help the poor, heal the environment, welcome and embrace the oppressed and marginalized. Sounds really good. But based on man’s wisdom and strength, it will surely fail. In fact, since it is also about neglecting the righteousness of God, then definitely it will fail.

But we especially as Christians do long for justice and peace in the world. We must know that it can only happen in submission to Christ and in obedience to God’s will and ways. In fact, the ultimate utopia, which is the kingdom of God in our midst (and ultimately heaven), is already with us. Jesus, when asked when the kingdom of God would come, said, “the kingdom of God is among you.” (Lk 17:21b).

When you are in Christ, when your body has become a temple of the Holy Spirit, when you are a part of the body of Christ on earth which is the Church, then the kingdom of God is among or within you.

The kingdom of God will be within us if the word of God is within us. We need to know God’s will and ways. God has taught us His ways through His word in the Bible and His word through the Church. Unfortunately, modernist pastors in our Church today contradict the very word of God. So the people of God end up confused. Worse, they end up comfortable even in grievous sin.

To know the errors of modernist pastors in our Church, we must ourselves know the word of God. We must read and study the Bible.

  • God’s word does not change. “Your word, Lord, stands forever; it is firm as the heavens.” (Ps 119:89). This is unlike modernists who disregard God’s word, who discard tradition, and who preach a new humanist gospel. Thus for example, the Church is not to make converts, because all religions are ways to the divine.

  • God’s word is truth. “Through all generations your truth endures; fixed to stand firm like the earth.” (Ps 119:90). This is unlike modernists who, like the serpent, lie about what God actually says, twisting truth to suit their humanist thinking. Thus for example, the destruction of Sodom was not due to sodomy but to inhospitality to visitors.

  • God’s commandments and precepts do not change. “By your judgments they stand firm to this day, for all things are your servants.” (Ps 119:91). God does not contradict himself. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. But modernists reinterpret what is contained in God’s word to suit their secular-humanist perceptions. Thus for example, the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish is just sharing by the people.

It is God’s authentic word that brings truth. It brings light. “The revelation of your words sheds light, gives understanding to the simple.” (Ps 119:130). In fact, the wisdom of God “is fairer than the sun and surpasses every constellation of the stars. Compared to light, she is found more radiant” (Wis 7:29). This is so markedly different from secular-humanist modernist wisdom, the wisdom of the age, which promotes lies and brings darkness.

We need to know God’s ways and His laws. For this, we need to know God’s word. We need to be taught His word. “Let your face shine upon your servant; teach me your statutes.” (Ps 119:135). Modernist pastors will not do this for us. On the contrary, they lead us astray. We need the wisdom of God. Unlike the wisdom of the age, the wisdom of God “is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, agile, clear, unstained, certain, never harmful, loving the good, keen, unhampered, beneficent, kindly, firm, secure, tranquil, all-powerful, all-seeing, and pervading all spirits, though they be intelligent, pure and very subtle.” (Wis 7:22b-23).

The wisdom of God, contrary to modernist wisdom, is all about righteousness. Per above, it is holy, unstained, loving the good, beneficent and pure. The word of God in Wisdom 7 further testifies about the wisdom of God.

  • It is pure. “She penetrates and pervades all things by reason of her purity.” (Wis 7:24). The modernist world today is pervaded by immorality.

  • It is undefiled. “For she is a breath of the might of God and a pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty; therefore nothing defiled can enter into her.” (Wis 7:25). Liberals today have defiled themselves with degrading and unnatural passions.

  • It is spotless. “For she is the reflection of eternal light, the spotless mirror of the power of God, the image of his goodness.” (Wis 7:26). Modernists today have overturned the good, and have made what is bad good, such as abortion touted as healthcare.

  • It makes holy. “She renews everything while herself perduring; passing into holy souls from age to age” (Wis 7:27b). Modernism keeps sinners in their sin.

  • It trumps evil. “Though night supplants light, wickedness does not prevail over Wisdom.” (Wis 7:30). The world today is in deep darkness of sin and evil. It is God’s wisdom that will see us through.

We are children of the Father. We are servants of the Son. We are holy warriors of the Spirit. As such we must resist the modernism that is taking over our Church. To see the wrong in modernist teachings, we need to take on God’s wisdom. “For God loves nothing so much as the one who dwells with Wisdom.” (Wis 7:28). And God’s wisdom “produces friends of God and prophets.” (Wis 7:27c). As prophets, we are empowered to speak out against the wrongs that are happening.

When we do so, as we fight for faith, family and life against the modernist culture of DEATH, we will be oppressed and persecuted. But this is to be expected. It was the same way with Jesus. “But first he must suffer greatly and be rejected by this generation.” (Lk 17:25). We must be ready to suffer greatly. We will be rejected, at times even by our closest kin, many of whom, especially the young ones, have been coopted by liberal and modernist thought and values.

With Jesus, his suffering and death were just a prelude to his resurrection and victory. Just like him, we will have the victory. We just need to struggle through today, but always with God’s help. “May your judgments give me help.” (Ps 119:175b). Then we look confidently forward to tomorrow, and ultimately to that true utopia, as we say, “Let my soul live to praise you” (Ps 119:175a). Yes, our souls in heaven, for all eternity worshipping God.


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