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THE WORLD AT AN END #106 -- Fr Martin says same-sex relationships are integral to the Church

Here is Fr James Martin SJ becoming more aggressive in his outright promotion of homosexuality and its acceptance by the Church. He is a favorite of Pope Francis, granted long one-to-one interviews which he denies to conservative prelates.

Fr Martin quickly seized on Fiducia Supplicans to actually bless a same-sex couple. Now he says same-sex relationships are integral to the Church.

He is joined by a fellow Jesuit, Fr Orabator SJ, who is the Provincial for the entire Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar. Jesuits have long been liberal and at the forefront of modernism in the Church. I have always wondered if there are still Jesuits who are true men of God. I suppose there are, so why don’t they speak out? Now, already quite late, is the time.

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