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THE WORLD AT AN END #111 -- Agenda for World Domination

So many wrong and evil things, so many crises, have been happening in the world, with greater acceleration in the past few years. In health, society, financials, energy, climate. There is an ongoing radical transformation of every aspect of human existence: food, housing, healthcare, sexuality, agriculture, education, finance, travel, technology.

None of these just happen. Behind it all is an evil cabal of elites that orchestrate everything. The World Economic Forum (WEF), United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU), etc. This is the so-called Deep State. Behind this are the secret societies such as the Iluminati.

They are out to control, subjugate and degrade the world. With vaccine mandates, digital currencies, media censorship, restriction of personal rights and freedoms, child sexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, takeover by Artificial Intelligence, genetically engineered food, climate tyranny.

And behind these elites is the evil one who opposes the good creation of God.

Are you aware of even a small part of what is truly going on? You should be, as you are the subject of subjugation and exploitation. As you become aware, resist.

Please take the time to read what is presented below. It will blow your mind.

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