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THE WORLD AT AN END #119 -- Vatican permits first blessing at "homosexual wedding"

Pope Francis’ intent for the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality continues. Now it is the first directly-approved “blessing” of a same-sex couple by the Vatican. Is it just a blessing for individuals or a blessing for a same-sex union? Is it intended to help active homosexuals to find their way back to God or for them to be affirmed in their sin? It actually is just one more step to ultimately normalizing homosexuality and even allowing same-sex marriage.

Look at the intent of the couple itself.

* The blessing was at a “religious wedding” attended by 400 guests, with the couple advertising it as “the first Catholic religious wedding in the world.” So the intent is clear. It was not just a private and discreet blessing of individuals (which would have been acceptable) but an intended wedding ceremony.

* The couple intended to have the “wedding” in a Church, but moved to a farm due to a public outcry. But the diocese would actually have allowed the “wedding” to take place in a private chapel.

* They intend to have a child through surrogacy, which is forbidden by the Church. So they do intend to stay together in a sinful union, and even have a “family” with a child.

* The day they chose for their blessing was at the suggestion of a New Age astrologer. Astrology is considered dangerous by the Church, as it opens people up to demonic influence.

The blessing itself was an anomaly.

* The priest said they “are both children of God.” No, only those who do the will of the Father and who repent of grievous sin can truly be children of God.

* The priest said “God is with you.” No, God is not with those who persist in objective sin.

* The priest prayed that they would be guided “along the path of love and peace.” No, homosexual sin is not authentic Christian love, and peace cannot be with those who are not in right relationship with God.

The bishop insisted that Fiducia Supplicans affirmed the sacred value of marriage between a man and a woman, with an exclusive, stable and indissoluble union that was open to life.” But this “blessing” of a same-sex couple, which in effect is a blessing of a same-sex union, makes a mockery of true marriage and of authentic family. The bishop also talks of “ways to evangelize.” Well, bishop, this is not the way. Evangelization is about the gospel of salvation in Jesus, and blessing same-sex unions is totally contrary to that.

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