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THE WORLD AT AN END #120 -- America and the well-being of the world

What happens to America happens to the whole world. The good and bad America does affect peoples in every nation, even though many might not be aware, or think that what happens in America would not affect them, or are deluded by Western mainstream media.

What is happening within the USA now is an existential threat to its own greatness as well as a continuing threat to Judeo-Christian values. America will either bring good spiritual values to the rest of the world, or continue to strongly promote the culture of DEATH.

The Democratic Party of DEATH continues with its pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, anti-family and woke policies, including oppression and lawfare used against good Americans. The Presidential elections later this year will be a watershed event. No authentic Christian should be for the godless Democrat Party.

For non-Americans, please pray for this great nation, used by God through the years, but now dominated by the evil one ruling over the powers-that-be.

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