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THE WORLD AT AN END #122 -- Anonymous Cardinal's rebuke of Pope Francis

A member of the College of Cardinals has written a rebuke of Pope Francis, anonymously under the pseudonym “Demos II,” saying the Church is more fractured than ever.

Among other things (which I have written about through the years):

* The Pope is an autocrat, at times even vindictive. He changes Church doctrine and alters Church discipline arbitrarily.

* The Pope is intolerant of even respectful disagreement.

* The Pope is ambiguous in matters of faith and morals, causing confusion among the faithful. He is refashioning the Church’s teachings to fit more comfortably with the world.

* Despite an emphasis on synodality, the Pope has a small oligarchy of confidants with excessive influence within the Vatican. He needs to govern the Church collegially with his brother bishops in local dioceses, which he does not do.

* The Pope elevates “compassion” and emotion at the expense of reason, justice and truth.

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