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THE WORLD AT AN END #126 -- Dreaming of a better future

The world today is in terrible shape. So many things are wrong. And the world continues to slide down on the path to total perdition. This is due to evil in the hearts of men, and corruption that pervades most governments. Then there is the dark hand of Western globalist elites, who seek total domination over peoples. They impose the culture of DEATH, gender ideology, climate hysteria, and generally seek to ovethrow what is right and good and true. These multibillionaire criminals are setting up a New World Order (NWO) that will impose global tyranny.

But the world could be radically changed for the better. It could be the world that God created, a world of beauty and provision for man’s needs. This is not just a pipe dream, as what is needed can already be implemented (please see the article below). But the evil globalists stand in the way.

What must we do? First is to be informed about what is truly going on. Mainstream media and social media are full of lies and propaganda, and are dominated by the powers-that-be. We need to look at and study alternative media. We need to search for the truth.

Second, we must pray. We must call on the mercy of God. We start with our own lives, striving to live lives of righteousness. We ask for God’s wisdom to be able to resist the lies of the enemy.

Third, we must ensure that our families, our loved ones, are in Christ. We must defend our homes and keep them as places of Kingdom ground.

Fourth, we must evangelize. We must proclaim the gospel of salvation in Jesus. We must make known he who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Fifth, we must do what we can to resist and oppose and expose the wicked all around us. This includes the enemy within the Church.

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