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THE WORLD AT AN END #135 -- Messages from heaven and why religious order published them contrary to archbishop's will

Here is a wonderful and comprehensive article on what is going on in our Church today under Pope Francis. This stems from a religious order (Mission of Divine Mercy) releasing alleged messages from heaven despite being told not to by the local bishop.

What were the messages?

* The Church is in extreme crisis, with a usurper sitting on the chair of Peter, who is carrying out the Great Treason.

* Our bishops have not only allowed the smoke of Satan to infiltrate the Sanctuary, but have allowed a whole army of demons to take their places.

* Bishops have accepted the wolves as true shepherds.

* The Pope is exercising illegitimate authority and acting as the enemy of Christ and his Church.

Why were these messages released despite bishop’s opposition?

* We must obey God. Normally we obey legitimate human authorities, but only if they are in accord with God’s law.

* Prophets in the Old Testament denounced the corruption of the shepherds of Israel.

* Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) said prophecy is the way God intervenes personally and directly in the Church to awaken it, warn it, promote it and sactify it, particulary in times of crisis.

* Most Catholics are unaware of the great crisis happening in our Church. The smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.

* The fruits of the Pope’s past ten years are error, division and confusion, and in the process have betrayed and subverted 2,000 years of Church teaching.

Don’t be unknowing of what is going on. Know the truth, then rise in prophetic defense of Christ and our Church.

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